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NaPoWriMo Day 25: Watchu Know About My Lemonade..

Did you run out of color when you were painting me?
I want to be coloured in shades of black and white
I've always wanted to be a black unicorn dipped in white
So I can talk about how a black suit can stain a white tie.
I tried killing the Yin inside while escaping the Yang The women inside of me are tired
As we evolve I realised that the more we exchange clothes the more we exchange each other's skeletons
I heard it is common courtesy to let the skeletons in your closet out at least once a year so they can see how lucky they are that they aren't living.
I want to bleed ink instead of blood
I want to write about the monotone of idiosyncrasy, With a hint of euphemism
I don't know how give truth a voice,
I give it words.
I've realised that all mortal sins are one size better fit all.
And that humans do not like reading about themselves.

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